About Us

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There’s something about a photo booth that inspires people to show their true colors. While our photo booth session can be anything from a more formal portrait session to a gag-driven side-show…the Hip Factory Foto booth captures your event in a way no other medium can.

One of a kind

Your pictures are unique to the personality of the participants….and your keepsake pictures will be infused with all the charm, singularity and personality that your guests possess.


Our Hip Photo booths are actually custom built, portable photography studios. Our background is in photography, so our lighting and equipment are the best in the business.

Birthday party at Maritime Club New Jersey

The Booth

A live view screen allows you to direct your own portrait session, quick and easy. We have a variety of props and backgrounds to suit your event.
Our Hip Factory Foto booth is modular and can accommodated large or small parties. Our booth can fit up to 12 people.
Hipfoto at Maritime clubNJ

How it works

-Step into the booth

-Put on your best face

-Add some fun, personal accessories

-Activate touch screen countdown

-Pose for some pictures

-Choose pictures for print

Photo booth at o'Neill highschool prom

Our goal

Our goal is to help make your event a success. HipFotoBooth is guaranteed to provide entertainment for you and your guests and provide a unique and lasting memory.Harriet's Bat Mitzvah